Welcome to my world!


My name is Houston Moran. I am a 26 year old fitness trainer and I am here to help you become the best, most sparkly shining version of yourself. I will help you become happier, healthier and live the life you deserve through training, nutrition, mindset and fitness coaching. I believe everyone should be living their best lives. Life is not a dress rehearsal…there is no time like the present…you are enough and you deserve the best.

I want to help women reach their health/fitness goals, feel strong and confident in their own skin, love themselves unconditionally and embrace their power.

‘ Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you ‘ – Dr Seuss knows whats up haha

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30 Facts about me...

1. My full name is Houston Lani Moran … My mum chose my name and my dad absolutely hated it, he refused to call me Houston for the first 6 months of my life haha he called me Hula hoop instead (he now loves my name). My middle name Lani is Hawaiian and translates into heaven :). I honestly LOVE my name and am so grateful my mum chose it.

2. I was born on Wednesday 18th March (Pisces) 1992 at Poole hospital, 6 weeks early. I had to stay in the special baby care unit for 3 weeks. Even though i was 6 weeks early i was still 6lbs4 which is quite big!!! My mum is only very little so it’s a good job i came early haha.

3. When i was younger i was very good at sprinting, i used to run for my school and Bournemouth athletics club. Pure fitness. I used to run 100m, 200m and relay. Once i entered a 800m race at Bournemouth athletics club for ages 11-13 it was a mixed race (boys and girls)…i had just turned 11 and i came 2nd in the whole race (a 13 year old boy won) i was in the paper for that. I had a private running coach and she said she could see me at the 2012 Olympics (i gave up sprinting when i was 15/16 due to feeling too much pressure and i was making myself ill).